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Bandoneon international

6th International Bandoneon Days


March 17th-19th in Einschlingen, near Bielefeld, Germany

Workshops, great food, a friendly atmosphere, plenty of opportunity to play your instrument with others, helpful tips and tricks for practice and for instrument maintenance. Instrument repair (limited spaces).

    "Thank you so much for this weekend - I came away filled with enthusiasm for my practice and having made new connections with fellow Bandoneonists. Rocco's maintenance sessions gave me the courage to open my instrument and repair minor problems myself. "
dear fellow bandoneonista,


Whether it is for support and inspiration as a Bandoneon player, or to help with your instrument choices and repairs, we'll be at your side on your journey of discovery.
We look forward to meeting you!

Doble RR (Rocco & Ruth)

Online and in Person

Events & Tuition

Group classes, Private Lessons, Workshops, Events

Also lessons in Bandoneon Maintenance and Repair

Online and in Person

Peer Group support

Regular peer group meetings, Sharing of ideas and material Help along the 'learning journey', for all levels

Online and in Person

Repairs & Tuning

Deliver your Instrument to Rocco in Oldenburg , or book a Zoom repair instruction session

Sunday Meetups

We continue with our regular meetings into the third year :-)

Come and join us, tell us about what you and your Bandoneon have been up to. Show us what you've practised or come to listen and be inspired. Meet the Bandoneon Family. It's FREE of charge, what's to lose?

Most Sundays at 14.00 Paris time (check the calendar)
Rocco Heins

Basic Tools for leadsheet playing

An online course

A SERIES Of weekly sessions,

in blocks of 4x90 minutes

Next block starts January 11th


"TOQUEMOS Solo Bandoneón", Nivel 3

("Let's play Solo Bandoneon", Level 3)


February 26th, March 12th, April 9th & 23rd

Rodolfo Mederos needs no introduction to any Bandoneon afficionado. He is one of the Greatest Masters alive and it is with great pleasure that we announce a series of online workshops with him on the subject of playing 'Solo Bandoneón'. The workshops will be held in Spanish, with English translation.

    "Mederos has influenced several generations of bandoneonists. Through his unique style of playing and writing, he has further developed the design and harmonisation of Tango, without losing the elegance of those before him. Mederos is completely at one with his bandoneon. I hugely look forward to experiencing his teaching!" (Rocco Heins)
Please watch this video if you'd like to find out about the content of the past series of classes,
Toquemos A la parrilla

All videos are available online - click on the above link: 'Past Workshops'

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