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ruth rozelaar

"share the Bandoneon Love"

Two decades ago, Tango entered my life, followed by the Bandoneon a decade later. It is a difficult instrument to learn and my wish to connect with other learners led me to organising events online and in person.

In 2018, I started to host the "International Bandoneon Days". The lockdowns moved all activities online, which actually made the Bandoneon Family blossom. Our group is very open and inclusive and spans the globe. We meet weekly to share our path of learning and we have world renowned masters help us with practice and maintenance of this wonderful instrument.

My passion is for playing 'A La Parrilla' style. A La Parrilla offers us a deep insight into the structure and nature of Tango, whilst at the same time allowing us to express our own musical emotions.

teacher, performer, restorer

Rocco Heins

info to come soon

info to come soon

visiting maestro

rodolfo mederos

Online courses for Bandoneon

We have developed a friendly working relationship with the great master Rodolfo Mederos, who transmits his knowledge of a lifetime in series of online workshops (4x90 minutes, every two weeks). Everyone is welcome!

We are building an archive of past workshops. If you have missed any, don't worry they are all available, just click the link below!