Practichord - your essential practice buddy 

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An app that helps you master chords, chord progressions and voicings

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(**the the FREE basic version has all exercises in one key and the paid version offers all keys)

An essential element to feeling comfortable playing Tangos A la Parrilla Style is to really know your way around the chords on your instrument. This app will help you along the way to achieving this.
It's fun and slightly addictive

Born out of Ruth Rozelaar's creative study exercises and developed into an app by Jamie Gifford, with this app you will have hours of playful practice games at your fingertips. Once you become familiar with how the app works, you will also be able to devise your own games with it. 

Unique feature: All sounds on the app are real Bandoneon sounds, not digitally created ones. 

Practichord will accompany you in your practice for 

  • Scales and Arpeggios

  • Chords and their inversions

  • Chord progressions within a key

  • Nice voicings and smooth transitions from one chord to the next.

  • Tango Marcato and Basic Milonga Rhythm

  • Staccato and Legato chords

  • Recognising Chords by ear

  • ...and much more

How to buy it: Contact Ruth Rozelaar


Here are some of the many games suggestions possible with this app.