2. Internationale Bandoneontage für
Tango Argentino

(2nd International Bandoneon Days)
11.- 14. Oktober 2018
In Oldenburg Norddeutschland/North Germany

Dear Bandoneon Afficionado,

Six years ago, I was ‘ambushed’ by a Bandoneon!

As anyone who has tried playing one knows, it’s a fiendishly difficult instrument and I often long for a supportive community of players and teachers. It is this wish that has driven me to organise the International Bandoneon Days. We have gathered together a powerful team of Bandoneon teachers who will be delivering inspirational workshops, in different combinations and at various venues. The photo to the left was taken at the first event in Staufen (May 2018), home to an extraordinary Bandoneon Museum. Our 2nd event takes place this October in Oldenburg, North Germany, home of Rocco Boness, the famous Bandoneonist, repairer and restorer, and the third is already booked for Staufen in May 2019!

Hallo Bandoneonfreunde,

Vor 6 Jahren wurde ich von einem Bandoneon überfallen! Jeder, der selbst Bandoneon spielt, weiß wie ungeheuer schwierig dieses Instrument ist. Wie oft sitze ich da und sehne mich nach gleichgesinnten Mitstreitern und hilfreichen Lehrern. Dieser Wunsch brachte mich dazu, die

Internationalen Bandoneontage zu organisieren. Ich habe ein Team von internationalen Lehrern ausgesucht, die in verschiedenen Kombinationen und an diversen Orten uns mit ihren Workshops begeistern und weiterbringen werden. Unser erstes Event fand in Staufen statt, wo es ein wunderbares Bandoneonmuseum gibt (Mai2018). Das zweite Event wird im Oktober 2018 in Oldenburg stattfinden, der Heimat von Rocco Boness. Für unser drittes Event kehren wir im Mai 2019 nach Staufen zurück.  

Sucht Ihr nach neuen Anregungen?
Do you feel in need of Inspiration, Support, Advice?

2nd International Bandoneon Days

in Oldenburg, October 11th-14th:

with/mit Fernando Maguna & Rocco Boness

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Fernando Maguna

From Argentina, lives in Marseille, France. While studying music and medicine, he discovered Tango on the piano. A trip to Europe with his band was followed by the decision to move to Paris, where he learned the Bandoneon as an autodidact, playing with other musicians on the streets of Montmartre.

Fernando now leads several orquesta tipica schools in the South of France, plays in various Tango ensembles and gives many workshops across Europe.
Rocco Boness

Having dedicated himself to the tuning and restoration of bandoneons for over 20 years, Rocco has gained an international reputation.

Rocco will teach us how to perform basic maintenance and simple repairs on our own bandoneons and also join the team in his other incarnation as an excellent bandoneonist and teacher. We will also make space for the wealth of his knowledge  to emerge, through his talent as a wonderful storyteller.

The Bandoneon Days Team

The Bandoneon Days draw from a pool of teachers and organisers:

Wir haben eine Gruppe von Lehrern und Organisatoren für die Bandoneontage, von denen immer mindestens zwei mit dabei sind (manchmal auch alle!):

Almut Wellmann

Bandoneon teacher

Almut’s Website

Korey ireland

Bandoneon teacher

Korey’s Facebook Page

Fernando Maguna

Bandoneon teacher

Fernando’s Website

Rocco Boness

Bandoneon teacher & restorer

Rocco’s Website

Ruth Rozelaar


Ruth’s Website

Frank Rozelaar

Indispensable Rock & loving Husband

Ruth & Frank’s Travel Blog

Review/ Rückschau

First International Bandoneon Days, May 2018, Staufen

We had a fab time on our first international encounter! Check here again in a few weeks, to see videos, pictures, articles and the participants’ reviews.

Wir hatten viel Spass – bald gibt’s hier auch Fotos ect. Schaut nochmal in ein paar Wochen rein!

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3rd International Bandoneon Days

May 9th-12th 2019, Staufen im Breisgau

Info to come soon!

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