1. Internationale Bandoneontage für
Tango Argentino

20.4.-22.4.2018 in Staufen, Süddeutschland/South Germany


*Fully booked for all except 'Fly on the Wall' tickets! Sign up soon to reserve one of the last places!

*Es sind jetzt nur noch 'Fly on the Wall' tickets zu haben! Schnell anmelden, wenn Ihr mithören wollt!

Dear Bandoneon Afficionado,
  Six years ago, I was ‘ambushed’ by a Bandoneon! As anyone who has tried playing one knows, it’s a fiendishly difficult instrument and I often long for a supportive community of players and teachers. It is this wish that has driven me to organise the 1st International Bandoneon Days in Staufen, home of the Tango & Bandoneonmuseum, in Germany. The weekend will be filled with info, from how to practise efficiently, to looking after and repairing your instrument. We will study the old Tango masters and play beautiful music together in ensembles of various sizes.


What’s on offer?
*** Three excellent Bandoneon teachers offering a range of workshops for all levels and topics, from fundamental study technique to playing exciting repertoire***
*** Bandoneon maintenance workshops with a world renowned restorer***
*** An open programme structure that enables participants to choose between being a player or a listener ***
*** Time to participate in various ensembles***
*** A guided tour of a fascinating museum, filled with bandoneons and their individual histories ***
*** An informal end-of weekend performance***


I hope you will join us, whether you already play a Bandoneon, are thinking about playing one, or you simply want to find out more about the instrument

Ruth Rozelaar, event organiser

Korey Ireland

is a composer turned tango-addict. He brings a lifetime of musical experience and an unquenchable thirst for tango to his teaching. In recent years, Korey has been involved in teaching aspiring tango musicians at festivals throughout North America and Europe to create live music for dancers.

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Rocco Boness

Having dedicated himself to the tuning and restauration of bandoneons for over 20 years, Rocco has gained an international reputation. A passionate bandoneonist himself, he knows how important it is to regain/retain the instrument’s full technical and sonorous qualities. In his restorations he exclusively uses original materials in respect of the instrument’s age and provenance. Rocco will teach us how to perform basic maintenance and simple repairs on our own bandoneons.
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Almut Wellmann

studied from 2006-2013 with Rodolfo Mederos in Buenos Aires and became a member of the Conservatoire Tango Orchestra ‘IUNA’. Since then, she has trained with Tango Orchestras in Barcelona and Marseille. In 2014, together with other argentine musicians, Almut founded the sexteto típico “el piropo”. Based in Barcelona, “el piropo” regularly performs all over Europe, playing their own arrangements.

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The Bandoneonmuseum in Staufen

As part of our Bandoneon weekend, we will visit the Bandoneonmuseum in Staufen

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Informal Concert April 22nd, 15.00

On Sunday afternoon, we will have an informal concert with contributions from the teachers and possibly from the workshop participants. This concert is also open to the public, not just to workshop participants. More details to come soon!


Please view the overall schedule on the right. So as to ensure we specifically tailor the material to the needs of the individual levels, we will devise Workshop topics  nearer the time when we know more clearly the needs of the participants (there will be an opportunity to voice your suggestions in the booking form). To a certain extent this also applies to the levels of the workshops.

There are different packages available – please check below. It is possible to come as an active musician or as a listener. Likewise, you can choose the number of Bandoneon maintenance classes you’d like to take part in.
The teaching will be in German and English.
Bandoneon Days 20.-22.4.2018


We have a range of different Tickets on offer, to suit different needs:

Full Immersion Ticket 190€

Includes: Participation in 3 workshops (a total of 4.5hrs), participation in Bandoneon Orchestra rehearsals (5hours), 1 Bandoneon Maintenance session, Guided Tour of the Bandoneon Museum, Concert

Bandoneon Maintenance Ticket 190€

Includes: 3 Bandoneon Maintenance sessions (a total of 4.5hours), Listening to or participating in Bandoneon Orchestra rehearsals (5hours), Guided Tour of the Bandoneon Museum, Concert

Active Ticket 140€

Includes: Listening in to 3 workshops (a total of 4.5hrs), participation in Bandoneon orchestra rehearsals (5hours), 1 Bandoneon Maintenance session, Guided Tour of the Bandoneon Museum, Concert

Fly on the Wall Ticket 85€

Includes: Open doors to listen in on any of the workshops, rehearsals and Bandoneon Maintenance sessions, Guided Tour of the Bandoneon Museum, Concert

The Venue

We’ll be housed in a beautifully maintained music college in the charming town of Staufen, on the edge of the Black Forest. 50km from Basel and 20km from Freiburg, Staufen is easy to reach by train, plane or car.
Accommodation and full board is available from 100€ per person for the weekend (Friday evening till Sunday lunchtime). Those who stay and eat elsewhere will need to pay 40 Euros to cover use of facilities during the weekend.

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Contact us:

Ruth Rozelaar


+44 7811 520038